Engineering Procurement Construction Don D Lieske II   PE
Houston/Calgary/Canmore AB


Major projects that focus upon World Class technology, remote and unique locations, cutting edge logistics and transportation, industry, contractual and commercial EPC requirements that exceed state of the art technology:

My experience and assignments lay within these expanding boundaries and include over 50 years in major industrial EPC and Fabrication; focusing upon real time technical issue of the day. Assignment execution in real time project execution for major clients and World Class EPC Companies from the design office, fabrication andfield construction / commissioning phases. They include:

US Navy Sea and Land Duty
Steel Building Design and Development
Marine/Deep Ocean Facilities
Deepwater Stinger Development, Design and Construction; including Lay Barge Retrofit
Marine and Onshore Oil and Gas Plant, Drilling, Chemical, and Facilities and Pipelines
Major Oil Refineries/Marine and Onshore LNG Terminals and Facilities
Large Compressor Stations and Gas Transmission Lines, including U/G Slug Catcher EPC
Large Oil and Liquid Product Distribution Lines and Flow Lines
Marine Wind Farms
Government Projects, including US SPR, Infrastructure Bridges, onshore USN Aegis Missile Stations
Above and Below Grade Oil and Ethanol Storage in SPR Salt Domes
Conventional and Nuclear Power Plants, including STP Trains #3 and #4
Major Mining and Mineral Facilities, in various remote worldwide locations
Major Infrastructure Projects, including Bridges on Sakhalin Island and Tappan Zee, NY
World Class Fabrication of Marine and Onshore Modules

Major Over Land, Marine and Loadout Logistics Transportation to Remote and Unique Locations like Arctic - Wainwright, Prudhoe Bay AK; and Sub Arctic - Statoil Norway, Sakhalin Island Russia, etc.

Unique Modular Design and Construction (Yard Fabrication) worldwide for onshore and marine facilities. Modules to 10,000tons and fabrication programs of 300,000tons or more.

This includes unique assignments and patent development in interest areas. Company representative for various:

Early API RP2A Committees
Construction Institute, CII various conferences in Austin Tx. and subcommittee support
Shell Arctic Industry Development, shallow water pipe lay
DNV FPSO Course – Houston
ASME Pipeline Risk Analysis Course
Offshore Technical Conferences, OTC since inception 1960s
MMS Third Party Verification Agent for Marine Design, Ruston, VA
Various Modular Industry Conference and University Presentations at UT, TAMU and U of H