Engineering Procurement Construction Don D Lieske II   PE
Houston/Calgary/Canmore AB


Don D. Lieske II, P.E. (Retired 6/2014)

EPC(CM,C,F) Positions Held
Director II / Modular Construction Support
Construction Technical Services (CTS)/ Global Services
Functional Lead Modular Construction/Constructability
Modular Subject Matter Expert (SME) Modular Onshore and Offshore Facilities
Project Manager, Chief Design Engineer, Marine Department Manager/Sr. Supervisor
EPC/CM/Fabrication Technical Consultant, Facilitator Planning and Execution

B.S., Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University
The Operations Management Course, Graduate School of Business
Administration, Faculty of Colgate Darden
Management Skills / Techniques - AMR International, Inc.
Various in-house Project Management and Leadership Courses
US Navy Ship (3M) and Aircraft Class C Maintenance/Heavy Repair including WPNS Systems
Various Navy Schools and Assignments

Registered Civil Engineer, Texas - Certification No. 29949
CDR. USN (Ret) SWO, Shipboard / Shore Based Weapons Systems and Hull Repair

Management/Fluor/McDermott Intl. Courses/Naval Post Graduate Studies and Assignments:

North American Steel Construction Conference/Seminar
Engr., Gulf Coast Hurricanes-Texas Tech Wind Research/TDI
Basic Project Management Execution Course - Fluor
Controlling Your Projects for PM - Fluor
Total Team Performance Model - Fluor
Bridging Work Force Relationship Program - Fluor
Tier III, Project Leadership Program - Fluor
Pipeline Reliability Course ASME – Modeling for Risk Assessment & Resource Allocation
Safety HASOPER Supervisor Training Course - 48 hours, Chevron Plant Safety Design Course
Major World Wide Construction, Engineering/Construction Safety and Constructability Assignments

US National Defense Seminar, Ft. McNair Washington, D.C.
Guided Missile School Damneck VA
Ship Handling School Norfolk VA
Radiation Safety Offices Schools, Cincinnati OH and Nuclear Submarine Base,Vallejo CA
ABC School Treasure Island CA
Naval Air Maintenance and Flight School North Island CA, VU-3/ San Clemente Island
Various USN Shipyard, Dry dock and Fabrication Shops, East and West Coast
Forward Area Ship Systems Repair Yokosuka Japan and Subic Bay Philippines - Wes Pac Theater
Commanding Officer, Surface Division 8-22 Galveston
Commanding Office, SIMA Det. Charleston

Selected Reserve Crew, USS Haynesworth (DD-700)Various Ship Maintenance Assignments, including heavy repair ships, Pacific; Active duty USS Dixie Special Weapons Dept. (AD-14), USS Prairie (AD-15), USS Piedmont Engineering Dept. (AD-17), w/COMCRUDESPAC, and US 7th Fleet


Over thirty five years modular project EPC/EPCM (24+ years with Fluor-Retired), design engineering and construction management experience in onshore/offshore oil and gas production, refineries, chemical plants, LNG/GTL/NGL plants with conventional and nuclear power generation, gas oil separation, mining and minerals, infrastructure and industrials, including unique assignments for Marine Wind Farms, heavy design and fabrication, Kirtland Air force Base B-1 Bomber hangar design, US SPR/DOE salt dome storage management and technical evaluator to 1,000MM BBLs, marine and onshore pipeline gathering and transmission systems and coal, gas and nuclear power generation projects, onshore and offshore wind farm development. This extensive modular design, yard fabrication (over 100 yards visited) and modular project execution experience in/for locations such as Eastern, Northern and Western Australia, Chile, Argentina, Prudhoe Bay; Saudi Arabian, Egypt’s July El Morgan Fields, Nigeria, Angola; Europe, EIS (Eastern, Central and Western Russia), SE Asia, Asia, including Middle and Far East areas and West Africa; from the sea to the desert to Arctic Circle, including over 30 countries supporting worldwide project EPC(CM,C,F) execution since 1975. This includes EPC for major world class onshore and marine oil and gas pipeline systems.

Client Focused Worldwide Projects - Design/Construction/Fabrication and Technical Management.

Worldwide/World Class/ Construction Technical Services (CTS)/Global Services project team designand unique construction experience includes onshore plants, conventional and nuclear power plants, power distribution and transmission systems, sub-stations, control rooms and switch gear facilities.

US SPR/DOE storage and salt dome facilities, dome drilling rig design modifications, drawdown studies and storage expansion of 250,000MM BBLs to the authorized 1,000MM BBL limit for crude oil and ethanol storage.

Major module handling/lifts to10,000ton + with ALE, Mammoet, Sarans; 3,200ton land ringer crane and 11,000ton marine SLD/derrick barge lifting and heavy haul development, including 60 axle 3 lines 720 tire and 32 axle 4 lines 512 tire 6,000ton SPMTs. Heavy fabrication evaluation, including visits and prequalification of over 200 fabrication yards and modular shop facilities worldwide.

Work includes modular constructability consultancy for various oil and gas, mining and minerals, infrastructure, electrical power and government projects/studies, including modular development and estimating for the STP nuclear power train #3 and #4, marine wind farms, NY DOT Tappan Zee bridge infrastructure.

Major deepwater marine fixed platforms to 1025 ft water depth, deep and shallow water float-over platform installation, shallow water GBS and major FPSO Topsides Facilities for Angola. Various Marine Platforms and Topsides including design fabrication assembly of Gas Injection facilities (7 major compressor platforms) for Dubai, Angola, Egypt, and Thailand and various modular topsides.

Modular Construction for onshore Gas injection for BP/ARCO in Prudhoe Bay AK; modular fabrication / assembly field assignment and Prudhoe Bay site visit. Including four (4) GE Frame 6 Compressor Modules, each greater than 5,000tons.

Various onshore and offshore modular compressor studies, including GE Frame 7 and 9 units.

Site Manager of as-building and walk down on Aramco E/W Pipelines 48” and 56”OD Oil Pump Stations #1 through 10, Pressure Relief Station #11, and terminal upgrades. This project added 2 pumps to each station in support of 5.3 MM BBL/Day new flow rate. Also, design man camps and infrastructure facilities at each station for 86 Aramco operations support personnel.

Civil Construction Engineer, Juymah 500MM BBL/Day NGL Terminal Fire Restoration for Aramco, a two (2) year field assignment in SA.

Early planning, facilitation and fabrication consultancy for modular LNG facilities from West Australia to Wainwright, Anchorage, Norton Sound (GBS), Valdez, and Prudhoe Bay AK; and Sakhalin Island to GOM areas.

Various cutting edge project design, patent development, construction planning, estimating, development studies and construction/fabrication of major marine and onshore worldwide projects through bidding, conceptual FEED and EPC/CM/Fabrication final field execution. Ultra deepwater 6000ft. patent pending for BOP Shut in; special techniques for load out of 2,500ton FPSO topsides; scour protection for marine wind towers and special mitigation of Caspian Sea winter drilling for shallow water.

Professional Associations:

ASCE - American Society Civil Engineer, Life Member
AWS - American Welding Society, Life Member
HESS - Houston Engineering and Scientific Society
ASNE - American Society Naval Engineers
Navy League – Houston
Naval Order of the United States
CDR, USN Retired 1115 SWO

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