Engineering Procurement Construction Don D Lieske II   PE
Houston/Calgary/Canmore AB

The experience in developing structural steel design engineering standards, weldingstandards, and heavy fabrication detailed steel and facility designs for various technical industries from late 1950s through 2014. All of these industries were on the cutting edge of technology, building various and major onshore and offshore facilities for various worldwide projects.

Wyatts Boiler Works – Plant vessels and storage spheroids

Metallic Building Co. – Large and small building lines, including standard and industrial mill, truss buildings with crane systems to 125tons. Chief Design Engineer, shop fabrication in Houston.

McDermott International – Large marine structures, including major jackets, decks and piling over 800, 900 and 1000ft. WD. Piling to 96” OD.

Eagleton/Stone Webster/Fluor – NGL Recovery, Juymah SA steel replacement Jubail fabrication at Saudi Arabian Industries

Fluor Enterprises Inc. – various modular development, including 10,000+ton modules and through 300,000tons of facilities.

South Texas Nuclear Power Train #3 and #4, Nuclear module development and modular fabrication estimate.

My experience in unique detailed designs of prismatic and non – prismatic members, steel frames and plate girders in the early development of the Pre-Engineered building industry, further developed into major marine platform design heavy plate girders and tubular members and heavy onshore and marine construction, followed by designing steel construction equipment and major pipelines/pipe lay and including major modular steel plant development from P&IDs to Very Large Modules (VLMs) served these developing industries well for over 50 years. This experience included various detailed drawing reviews and approval for major steel facilities and heavy lifts marine works; and steel evaluation, facilitation and consultancy under the MMS Third Party Verification Program – Design; inclusive of Floating Drilling Rigs, FPSOs and major Oil, Gas and LNG facilities.

Special hand on experience and evaluation of world class fabrication yards, shops and facilities since 1962:

US Navy – Heavy Repair Ships USS Dixie (AD-14), USS Prairie (AD-15), USS Piedmont(AD-17); included installation of helicopter assembly/maintenance deck and onboard and as Radiation Safety Office for the new NDT facility to test HP steam line repair onboard USS Dixie.

Major fabrication of steel buildings, including a 232ft clear span 65ft eave height B-1Bomber Hanger, various Mill Buildings and Com

Fabrication of marine structures to 1025ft water depth, including marine installation assembly off shore.

Pipeline fabrication and coating facilities.

Replacement - NGL Recovery steel for Aramco, SA.

Marine welding stations and pipe lay fabrication from Saipan’s Pipe lay Barge, including design and fabrication of Stinger (120meter articulated) and Lay System for Castor Otto.

Major FPSO topsides fabrication for Angola with fabrication in Ulsan Korea, and three(3) Gulf Cabinda GIP Platforms with 14 GE/Pignone Injection Compressors, where fabrication was in McDermott Amelia Yard facility in Louisiana.

Major Module fabrication from small truck able units through major Very Large Modular (VLMs).

Major bridge spans of 350 ft with 12 ft deep plate girders Tappan Zee NY, box girder trusses Spain and major 20ft OD tapered steel tubular columns for shallow water marine wind farms near shore US Atlantic Ocean.

Fabricator experience and core competency evaluations during project prequalification visits; includes over 100 worldwide fabricators, and shop facilities, in the following locations:

  • North America, includes Canada, US and Mexico
  • South America, includes Trinidad, Brazil, Venezuelan and Colombia
  • Europe, includes various UK, Spain, Italian, and others
  • Asia, includes Russian European, North, Central and South Volga, and Don Rivers and Sakhalin’s Siberian, AMUR, Vladivostok Regions
  • Middle East, includes SA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • SE Asia, includes Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines
  • Far East, includes Japan, Korea
A selection of some 20-30 or so recommended fabricators from the 438 yard facilities of public record maintained to establish a start point for project specific requirements and defined “Scope of Services”.